Tomasz Jurczyk

Tomasz Jurczyk

  • Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Email: tomasz at tomaszjurczyk dot com
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I recently graduated with PhD in Computer Science from Emory University. Right after that, I moved to San Francisco Bay Area. I was a member of Emory NLP group, working with Prof. Jinho D. Choi on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Question Answering problems. I completed my B.Sc. and M.Sc. at the University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland. I worked in Tieto Poland for 2 years where I was responsible for Configuration Management. I'm currently building an enterprise software company that will be transforming how large enterprises get work done. If you are a software engineer and interested to work on the latest NLP and ML technologies get in touch with me. You will be working with a team of successful, serial entrepreneurs and world class talent from Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Stanford and more.





Running (/r/running), I'm a coffee freak :) (/r/coffee). I recently became extremely interested in electronic music, especially in downtempo and psybient (/r/electronicmusic).